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Our Partners

Government - Line Ministries

DESECE works closely together with various departments of the line ministries in programs relevant to the ministries in both the national and county level. Ministry personnel either facilitate DESECE activities or DESECE facilitates training sessions the ministry organizes. In case DESECE is not able or not authorized to assist clients they are referred to the ministries for services. The relevant ministries are:

  • Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives
  • Gender, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs
  • Education
  • Health
  • Defence

Representative of Deputy County Commissioner, Mr. Adan Harae

Hon. Dr. Reginalda Wanyonyi, Woman Representative

Mr. John Musakali, Member of County Assembly

Networks - Civic Education & Human Rights, Health, Organic Agriculture & Ecology

DESECE is a member of different national and international networks working in different development fields. Important partners in the area of civic education and human rights are:

a major partner in the area of health is:

and important partners in the area of sustainable organic agriculture and ecology are:




National & International Consultants

DESECE strives to empower their staff members through trainings of external consultants, visits to partner organizations or cooperatives in exchange programs to keep them abreast with emerging issues in the relevant fields to be able to offer effective services. The trainers include:

Mrs. Hettie Walters

Mr. Adrian Waijers

Mrs. Verena Senn-Guggenberger

Trainers in One-Day & Residential Workshops

DESECE is supported in it's one-day and residential workshops by a number of experts in various fields. The trainers include:

  • Mr. William Anunda, trainer in lobbying and advocacy, director Chikwoyo, Kenya
  • Mr. Eric Wambasi, trainer in civic education and human rights, para legalist, Kenya
  • Mr. Jack Juma, trainer in organic sustainable agriculture, KOAN, Kenya
  • Ms. Edith Sifuna, trainer in ERI (Enabling Rural Innovation), Uganda
  • Mrs. Brigit Changalwa, trainer in land issues, Kenya
  • Mrs. Joan Khamala, trainer in women rights, Kenya

Mr. William Anunda

Ms. Edith Sifuna

Mr. Eric Odonga

Zonal Facilitators in the Sub-Counties

DESECE is proud to have friends who support and facilitate voluntarily the manifold activities in the Sub-Counties:

  • Mrs. Sarah Mamai, Bungoma West
  • Mr. David Juma, Bungoma North
  • Mr. Japheth Wekesa, Bungoma East
  • Mr. Jackson Wanjala, Bungoma South
  • Mr. Augustine Sitati, Bungoma West
  • Mrs. Everlyne Mabonga, Bungoma South
  • Mr. Fredrick Silah, Mount Elgon
  • Mrs. Rose Kearby, Bungoma North
  • Mr. Redempiah Khatesa, Lugari
  • Mr. Joseph Nasurutia, Mount Elgon
  • Mrs. Agnes Kakai, Trans Nzoia West
  • Mr. Thaddaeus Kusimba, Bungoma West

Thank you for your continuous contribution!

Mr. Joseph Nasurutia

Mrs. Agnes Kakai

Mr. Thaddeaus Kusimba

Some of our zonal facilitators at the model farm


DESECE wants to say thank you to friends who supported the organization voluntarily in very important areas:

  • Mr. Michiel Smits, architect of the master plan of DESECE's facilities, owner of Back2Africa Foundation, Netherlands
  • Ms. Beata Duda, architect, involved in the master plan of DESECE's facilities, Netherlands
  • Mr. Caspar de Vries, student, created a database for the M&E System, Netherlands
  • Mrs. Barbara Messner, marketing manager, support in website update, project management, marketing of DESECE's facilities

Mr. Michiel Smits

Ms. Beata Duda

Mr. Caspar de Vries

Mrs. Barbara Messner

DESECE appreciates additional support from external volunteers, who have experience in areas where the organization is lacking the internal capacities. Currently the organization is looking for experts in the areas of:

  • Data base programming and development of mobile applications, to develop data input and aggregation tools for monitoring & evaluation in order to update the field officers work to the webpage under a secure log in

If you would like to stay with us for some time and want to support us in these areas you are highly welcomed. And if you have any other idea which could be useful for our organization then please let us know!

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