Whom we welcome, and whom we invite ...



Till 2013 DESECE was operating from a small office in Misikhu, but thanks to our donors who enabled us build an office, a restaurant and a conference centre in Mukuyuni for the sole purpose of the organisation becoming independent from international donors in future.


To achieve this DESECE has started some income generating projects to be able to further deliver its services to its beneficiaries. Among these projects are our restaurant and conference centre.  We kindly invite you to visit and support us in continuing to deliver services to our beneficiaries.

Our Guests

Line ministries, public benefit & non-governmental organisations, companies & communities

More than 600 guests at our centre

Elimu Mount Elgon Foundation and Tools to Work Program

Mijarc/Fimarc guests in front of our conference hall

We are happy and grateful that we have hosted the following guest over the last three years:


  • 819 students with all their teachers from different high schools
  • 260 pupils from different schools and their teachers for community library launching
  • 20 subordinate staff from Bilibili secondary school
  • 25 subordinate staff from Maliki secondary school
  • 4 stakeholders meeting of 15 people
  • 15 partners of vocational training centres
  • 1 big wedding
  • 27 farmers from a farmer group in Mukuyuni
  • 25 members of a church group
  • 1,724 politicians from Bungoma
  • 1,437 teachers from Bungoma
  • 33 members of the Kenyan Peace Network
  • 133 members of the Ministry of Health
  • 256 guests for the Opening of the conference hall
  • 46 members of Mijarc/Fimarc of Belgium international conference
  • 70 members of Utubora Ulumnai
  • 80 members of Makunga group
  • 95 members of KCPA/family wellness group
  • 50 members from the ministry of Agriculture
  • 60 participants from DELTA & WINDOW training
  • 27 participants of Aktion Regen/reproductive health programme

Thank you for your confidence and for being with us!

People registering for the event

 The organization committee of teachers

Visitors in front of the Conference hall

Our Offer

Facilities for every event - meetings, workshops, seminars, weddings & ceremonies

We are happy to present you our exceptional facilities for small, medium and large groups, and we would like to welcome you as our guests! All our facilities are at your disposal, no matter if you plan an event for 10, 100 or 1.000 guests!  We can arrange everything you desire!  For detailed prices of facilities, additional technical equipment and other services (e.g transport) please contact us.

  • Conference hall
  • Dining hall
  • Kitchen
  • Public toilets
  • Parking spaces and
  • Quiet and peaceful setting

Kitchen team

Dining hall

Conference hall

DESECE Brochure Restaurant Event and Con
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DESECE is looking forward to welcome you in our restaurant. Besides traditional Kenyan speciality we also offer  international cuisine. Our dining room offers seats for 140 guests and we have large parking spaces. It would be a great pleasure for us to welcome you and your friends in our quiet and peaceful setting in Mukuyuni!

Opening hours

Our "A la Carte" restaurant is open from Monday to Friday 10 h to 16 h. For any special event with pre-booking one week before we also open on weekends. Kindly contact us with the form below, you are highly welcomed!

DESECE A La Carte Menu.pdf
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DESECE Special Event Menu.pdf
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Conference Centre


DESECE wants to invite you and your guests to hold your meetings, workshops, seminars, weddings & ceremonies in our new conference hall. Our hall offers a capacity for 400 visitors and we can offer you whatever equipment you need, be it a public address system with microphone, amplifier and speakers or a laptop and projector with internet access.  Our  guesthouse will open soon. We are looking forward to host you for your next special event!

Conference package half day: 1.000,- KES p.p.

- 10 h tea with sweet

- 13 h lunch

- 16 h tea with snack

Conference package full day: 2.000,- KES p.p.

- 07 h full breakfast

- 10 h tea with sweet

- 13 h lunch

- 16 h tea with snack

- 19 h dinner

DESECE Conference Set Menu - Half Day.pd
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DESECE Conference Set Menu - Full Day.pd
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Special offer!

Additionally we can offer you:

  • an address system with microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers
  • a projector, laptop and internet access
  • a pinboard, newsprint and markers
  • a notepad, pens and water for every visitor

Please feel at home and welcome at DESECE!

Microphone & amplifier

Laptop & projector


May we invite you?

Kindly download and fill in our new application form

DESECE Application Form Conferences.pdf
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For further questions feel free to contact us

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.