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DESECE is grateful for all its donors that have been funding the organization since 1993. The main donor who has been funding almost 90 % of the budget since 2006 has announced his pull out in 2018, with their policy stating that they only fund an organisation for a maximum of 9 years, and DESECE is proud to be privileged to be funded for 3 more years making it 12 years, however, on a yearly reduced budget from 2016.


Now DESECE is looking for new donors who are willing to support our programs to further deliver the services to our beneficiaries. On the other hand DESECE is looking for donors who can finance its income generating projects, so as to become self-sustainable in future.

Our Donation Projects

Furniture for the Conference Hall                                                                                                      6.000,- Euros

DESECE is grateful to have found donors who enabled us to build our new conference hall. The hall is still missing some tables and chairs to host conferences in an even more professional way.  The equipment for presentations, seminars and workshops like laptop, projector and addressing system was already donated.


Fleckvieh for the Income Generating Project                                                                   per Cow 1.800,- Euros

DESECE strives to become independent of international donors one day in future. That's why the organization is looking for 18 Fleckvieh Cows, which would enable us to carry all the costs for the organization, thus making it much easier to find donors for the programs. The cows give much more milk than local breeds and are not competing with the surrounding farmers as there are companies in Western Kenya who guarantee to purchase the milk and we could even encourage farmers in the neighbourhood to produce fodder for us because our farm is too small.

Our Donors

Institutional Donors

Ms. Ursula Scheiber and Mr. Jakob Wieser, BSI Austria

Mr. Fritz Staudigl, Tyrolean Govern- ment & Mr. Franz Hainzl, BSI Austria

Mrs. Andrea Schmid, Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

DESECE is grateful and proud that the following donors have been working closely together with the organization in the last 22 years. They have not only enabled our organization to built an office, kitchen, dining hall and conference hall and to buy a new car and some motorbikes, but also motivated us through all the years:

Thank you so much for your confidence and motivation, and your generous and cordial support!

Mr. Wolfgang Heindl, SEI SO FREI - Catholic Mens Movement, Austria

Ms. Magdalena Fischer, Horizont3000, Austria

Mr. Frans Davelaar, Mensen met een Missie, Netherlands

Private Donors

DESECE is proud of having many private friends in Europe, North America and Africa who generously donated for many years to support our activities:

  • Mrs. Shirley Hartery, Canada
  • Mrs. Cornelia Saxer, Austria
  • Fam. Berta, Richard and Katharina, Germany
  • Mrs. Dr. Bea Andersen, Netherlands
  • Mrs. Regina Bethel, Germany
  • Mrs. Annelies Innerkofler, Austria
  • Mrs. Jutta Haupt, Germany
  • Mrs. Dr. Jutta Reisinger, Austria

Thank you very much!

Information for Donors

Documents for Download

Kindly find the following documents in download form:

  • Law: Certificate of Registration
  • Organization: Organization Profile
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: MSC (Most Significant Change Stories) 2016
  • Events: Special Events List 2016
  • Communication: Print Articles
  • Kenya Information: County Fact Sheets Kenya and Sub-Counties
  • Operating Area: Maps of Kenya, Bungoma, Kakamega and Trans Nzoia
DESECE Registration Certificate.pdf
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DESECE Organization Profile 2016.pdf
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DESECE MSC Stories 2016.pdf
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DESECE Special Events List 2016.pdf
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Tyrolean Government - Media Information
Adobe Acrobat Document 364.2 KB
Tiroler Tageszeitung - Print Article 4th
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.3 MB
Tiroler Tageszeitung - Print Article 26t
Adobe Acrobat Document 534.2 KB

Kenya County Fact Sheet 2013.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 9.7 MB

County Fact Sheet Bungoma 2013.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 291.0 KB
County Fact Sheet Kakamega 2013.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 289.0 KB
County Fact Sheet Trans Nzoia 2013.pdf
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Map of Kenya with operating area in "red"

Map County Bungoma

Map County Kakamega

Map County Trans Nzoia

References for Donors

Kindly contact our international consultants and our chairman for further information about DESECE:

Mrs. Hettie Walters

Mr. Adrian Waijers

Mrs. Verena Senn-Guggenberger

Reverend Father Benjamin Kiriswa

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